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Terri Cunnion

Terri has over 20 years of enterprise client relations and software product management experience serving medium to large fintech organizations. She joined ActiveWorx in 2018, and oversees the account management program for the success of our customers. As the Director of Strategic Growth Accounts, Terri is responsible for assisting our clients in meeting their business and strategic goals, while advocating for their success within ActiveWorx along with providing client relations guidance. Terri holds a B.S. degree in Finance from Millersville University.

How to Enhance Vendor Satisfaction with a Self-Service Portal

Blog ImageWelcome to the Age of the Customer. Perhaps you're thinking, "But it's always been about the customer!" Yes, that's true, but the way in which we establish and grow customer relationships continues to change, and this means we need to regularly update our tools, methodologies, and approach.

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